#HRGVirtual On-demand | How to create a safe & welcoming environment for your business

At HR Grapevine VIRTUAL: Employee Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing, during session three, Kieran Howells, Deputy Editor at HR Grapevine was joined by Nick Wright, Senior Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager at Vodafone Business, Anthon Muller, Global Lead 5G Cloud Applications & Analytics, Vodafone Business and Nick Thompson, Digital HR Transformation – Talent & Transformation, IBM.

The panel discussed the ever-changing situation that businesses find themselves in, as well as how to manage operations through periods of disruption. In addition, the panel touched on the concept of resilience, how HR can bolster its strategy and how cutting-edge technologies can help your business.

Kicking off session three, Wright explained: “The right place to start really is by saying that COVID-19 has been a period of learning and there has been a real requirement to learn fast for all sorts of reasons...”

This session was followed by a Q&A where the panel was joined by Kevin Elliott, Industry Consultant, IBM.

  • “I think what we have seen COVID-19 be is a real catalyst in accelerating that digital HR journey…”

  • “I think we’re at a point in time where HR digitalisation is really going to expedite and I think we are seeing companies, as again they return to the new normal, it is the perfect time to start looking at how digitalisation, AI and cognitive machine learning tools can really start to drive benefit within your company.”

A live poll during the session asked viewers: ‘What should be at the centre of an employee safety strategy?’ Over half said that good comms should be at the centre of employee safety strategies.

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