REVEALED | The highest-rated UK CEOs during the COVID-19 crisis

The highest-rated UK CEOs during the COVID-19 crisis

New research from Glassdoor has revealed the top UK leaders during the coronavirus crisis.

Sage’s CEO Steve Hare took the top spot with a leadership score of 95%, with Abcam’s Alan Hirzel (94%) and Rendall and Rittner’s Duncan Rendall (94%) also highly commended for their leadership skills during the pandemic.

Amanda Stansell, Glassdoor Senior Economic Research Analyst said that leaders show their “true colours” during testing times.

During the COVID-19 crisis these UK CEOs stand out for prioritising the physical and mental health of their workforce, offering excellent communication and flexible working, plus initiatives to keep staff motivated, engaged and connected.

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“A company’s response to the pandemic is driven by its leadership, and these CEOs have gone above and beyond to look after their people,” Stansell added.

The Glassdoor ranking was solely based on the input from staff who voluntarily provided anonymous feedback by completing a company review about their CEO’s leadership, as well as work environment over the past year.

In addition, the leaders highlighted in the ranking are said to stand out for their dedication to employee wellbeing, among other things.

The 10 highest rated CEOs during the COVID-19 crisis in the UK are:

  1. Sage’s Steve Hare (95% Leadership Score)

  2. Abcam’s Alan Hirzel (94% Leadership score)

  3. Rendall and Rittner’s Duncan Rendall (94% Leadership Score)

  4. HomeServe UK’s Greg Reed (93% Leadership Score)

  5. Kingsley Healthcare’s Daya Thayan (91% Leadership Score)

  6. Taylor Wimpey’s Pete Redfern (91% Leadership Score)

  7. ICP Nurseries’ Tracey Storey (88% Leadership Score)

  8. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (88% Leadership Score)

  9. Salesforce’s Marc Benioff (87% Leadership Score)

  10. TeacherActive’s Rob Browett (85% Leadership Score)

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