REVEALED | Top 10 most in-demand workers right now

Top 10 most in-demand workers right now

Warehouse operatives (4,047 jobs), support workers (2,957 jobs) and registered nurses (2,683 jobs) topped the list of the most in-demand professionals over the last few months, new research has found.

Job board CV-Library analysed its own data from June to August 2020 to find out the job titles that were most advertised on its site within the three-month period.

Labourers (2,027 jobs), care assistants (2,005 jobs), cleaners (1,571 jobs) and production operatives (1,373 jobs) were also revealed as some of the most in-demand workers right now.

Also among the top ten were delivery drivers (1,232 jobs), teaching assistants (1,012 jobs) and census engagement managers (950 jobs).

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library, said that while job opportunities during lockdown were “few and far between”, the data has pointed towards the roles that employers have been advertising for in recent months.

Biggins said: “Naturally, we’re seeing a demand for professionals that were classed as key workers; including workers in care, teaching and driving. When comparing this to what people are searching for, there is definitely a correlation and it’s clear that many workers are reacting to market demand.” 

CV-Library’s research also delved into the most common job titles that candidates have been searching for during this three-month period.

Warehouse operatives, administrators, receptionists and electricians were among some of the most common job titles that candidates have been on the look-out for during this time.

A shift in most popular vacancies year-on-year

The number of roles posted on the site between June and August 2020 was much lower when compared to the same period last year.

Yet, when analysing the types of role advertised, the study unearthed a shift in the most popular vacancies year-on year.

See a list of the most common jobs advertised between June and August 2019 below:

  1. Warehouse Operative – 6,190 jobs 

  2. Labourer – 3,654 jobs 

  3. Administrator – 2,915 jobs 

  4. Customer Service Advisor – 2,718 jobs 

  5. Production Operative – 2,459 jobs 

  6. Project Manager – 2,227 jobs 

  7. Customer Assistant – 2,204 jobs  

  8. Site Manager – 2,182 jobs 

  9. Maintenance Engineer – 2,129 jobs 

  10. Sales Executive – 2,069 jobs 

Biggins added: “While there are naturally less jobs being advertised than last year, we can see a clear difference in some of the most popular ones. In fact, 2020 has seen increased demand for care professionals, while 2019 saw more of a need for customer service and sales positions. 

“We know that more people are adapting to this and searching for roles in different industries; and employers also need to be more open to hiring people from different sectors.” 

The most in-demand COVID-19 job skills

Separate research from LinkedIn identified communication, business management and problem-solving as some of the most sought-after skills during the pandemic.

Based on the skills required in job postings during July, data science, leadership and employee learning and development were also highlighted as some of the most in-demand skills.

From our content partner

In a previous interview with HR Grapevine, Spencer Symmons, Director of the specialist tech recruiter CPS Group UK, explained that many employers are looking for ‘soft’ skills such as communication and social skills as well as character traits and attitudes.

“Many employers are looking for ‘soft skills’ at the moment – adaptability, flexibility, agility. Though things appear to be improving, there may still be some difficult times ahead, so candidates must explain how they have successfully overcome challenges. Demonstrable experience of working in a risky or disrupted environment is a real plus,” Symmons added.

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