'Complacent' | Lord Alan Sugar another boss slamming work from home

Lord Alan Sugar another boss slamming work from home

Lord Sugar is another big name slamming working from home.

He has accused people who work from home of becoming ‘complacent’ as he encouraged workers to return to offices.

He told ITV’s This Morning: “We have been told what to do... Wear masks, wash hands, get on a bus, don't touch your face, get on a train, don't touch your face.”

"Those people who still like working from home have become a bit complacent honestly.”

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He isn’t the only big name who thinks work from home isn’t the right way to conduct professional endeavours.

Earlier this week, Netflix’s CEO also slammed working from home saying he doesn’t see it offering any benefits.

Netflix boss Reed Hastings told The Wall Street Journal: “I don’t see any positives. Not being able to get together in person, particularly internationally, is a pure negative.”

Work from home furore

Sugar’s words come as experts have claimed that the rush to get back to work should be paused.

Speaking to The Guardian, Professor Neil Ferguson suggested the Government should “maybe pause at the headlong rush to get everybody back into offices” in England.

He added: “I’m still working from home, many people I know are still working from home and I think we should hesitate and maybe pause at the headlong rush to get everybody back into offices.

“But some people have to [go to] work and I completely understand the concerns in many quarters that everybody working at home has an economic impact, particularly on city centres.”

There is also evidence that working from home has some benefits.

Justin Ukrainski, Head of Learning and a People Transformation Lead at Royal Mail, has urged professionals to try and see the benefits of this style of working, as it is likely to stay for some time.

He previously told HR Grapevine: “I think it’s an outcome as a result of this exercise where perhaps it didn’t exist (working remotely), people have thought they have got no choice, it’s not a case of 'okay we’re going to have only some working from home'.

“I’ve seen leaders who would never encourage home working who had no choice to do it and have now completely shifted their mindset.

“We say the new normal and I think we are starting to go from seeing it as a kind of thing that we had to do, as a negative, to actually people realising they can thrive working from home, and their team can thrive, so it should shift from something we have to do to something we like doing.”

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Comments (1)

  • milena
    Thu, 10 Sep 2020 1:21pm BST
    So a guy hiding in his estate or private island and driving a private car using private washing facilites while paying staff minimum wage is telling people to get back to work? Not surprising. He has never contributed to public health and still doesn't even as he wants to spread a virus he clearly doesn't udnerstand and he gets airtime not for what he knows but for who he pays
    In a democracy, you shouldn't be given maximum airtime for your shouting, that is called an oligarchy


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