'Freaked out' | Jobseeker slams potential employer after 'vile' messages

Jobseeker slams potential employer after 'vile' messages

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the UK jobs market.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that 730,000 workers have fallen from company payrolls since the beginning of the crisis in March.

In addition, research from the CIPD revealed that one-third of all UK-based employers now expect to shed staff by October, with some of the worst cuts expected to come.

Elsewhere, data from CV-Library has pointed towards the current level of competition in the jobs market as the number of advertised vacancies were down 47% last month when compared to the previous year.

Within this tough jobs market, a ‘furious’ freelance PR specialist looking for work took to LinkedIn claiming that a potential employer used the phone number listed on her CV to send her an inappropriate offer via text message.

According to the Mirror, Creative Producer Emma Thomas, was approached by a potential employer asking if she was still looking for work and what type of work she wanted.

Responding to the message, Thomas confirmed that she was, and said that she has “tonnes of transferable skills” and always strives to give 100% in whatever role she takes on.

Yet, later in the message exchange, the unnamed person responded with: “How would you feel if I paid you for some company and time of yours”.

Writing on LinkedIn about the messages, as well as sharing a screengrab of the conversation, Thomas said: “I AM NOT AVAILABLE FOR SEX.

“Anyone reading my CV will see I am a kick a*** creative producer / project manager / creative not a sex worker! I am also f****** furious."

“I am so angry that anyone should try to advantage of the dire job situation right now in such a way. Feel freaked out and utterly degraded, something which I am sure will have a huge impact on my job hunting psyche today. I am made of tough stuff so the thought of men like this preying on young girls in the same way makes me feel sick.

“In 2020 can women really not put their phone number on their CV!!! (sic),” she added.

Many LinkedIn users reached out to Thomas on the professional networking site branding the messages ‘vile’ and ‘inappropriate’.

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One said that they were “completely saddened and angry” while another said that they were “appalled at this” and told Thomas to ‘hold her head high and keep on keeping on’.

This highlights HR issues such as harassment.

The Me Too movement has encouraged more people to step forward and share their experiences of sexual harassment, either in the workplace or within the recruitment process.

Despite this, a worrying 2020 report from the CIPD unearthed that one-quarter of employees believe that issues such as harassment and bullying are still being swept under the carpet in their organisation.

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