REVEALED | Top 10 most in-demand COVID-19 job skills

Top 10 most in-demand COVID-19 job skills

Communication, business management and problem-solving were identified as some of the most sought-after skills during the pandemic, new data from LinkedIn has found.

According to the professional networking platform, data science, leadership and employee learning and development were also highlighted as some of the most in-demand skills during July 2020, based on the skills required in job postings.

This news comes after research from LinkedIn analysed the roles most in-demand by UK employers today as organisations continue to adapt to working amid the pandemic.

Many of the roles, including personal shopper, customer service assistant and retail assistant, require strong communication and problem-solving skills due to their customer-facing nature.

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It seems that the pandemic has shone a light on the importance of soft skills as they allow employees to succeed in their role and add value to companies. 

Spencer Symmons, Director of the specialist tech recruiter CPS Group UK, previously told HR Grapevine that many employers are currently on the look-out for soft skills – which typically include people, communication and social skills, as well as character traits and attitudes. 

He said that this is something jobseekers should be willing to demonstrate during a job interview.

“Many employers are looking for ‘soft skills’ at the moment – adaptability, flexibility, agility. Though things appear to be improving, there may still be some difficult times ahead, so candidates must explain how they have successfully overcome challenges. Demonstrable experience of working in a risky or disrupted environment is a real plus,” Symmons added.

LinkedIn’s data on the most in-demand jobs looked at the roles which had seen the highest percentage of growth between June and July 2020, and pointed towards the areas where demand is growing quickest and the opportunities are more readily available for jobseekers.

Janine Chamberlin, Director at LinkedIn, said that the coronavirus crisis is continuing to impact consumer demand which is creating new job opportunities for candidates.

“In certain sectors, we’ve seen a surge in demand over the last month from companies looking to bolster customer service and support capabilities, with supermarkets, convenience stores and retailers in particular looking for personal shoppers and customer service assistants. 

“Companies are looking at how they can deliver a superior experience during these unusual times to meet evolving customer expectations and continue earning customer trust. Strong communication and problem-solving skills are integral to these roles,” Chamberlin added.

Below is a list of the top ten most in-demand jobs in the UK, with details on the month-to-month percentage growth, as well as the availability of jobs on the site:

Job TitleMoM growthRoles available on LinkedIn
Personal ShopperMore than 10x300+
Customer Service AssistantMore than 10x1,700+
Pharmacy ManagerMore than 10x700+
Delivery DriverMore than 10x10,000+
Retail Assistant6.7x3,300+
Business Development Specialist2.5x2,000+
Customer Store Advisor2.3x3,000+
Store Manager1.8x 2,500+
Sales Executive1.8x5,000+
Customer Success Manager1.6x500+

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