PODCAST | How HR can prevent gender discrimination

How HR can prevent gender discrimination

Throughout the lockdown period parents have had to juggle working life with their children at home, meaning day-to-day work tasks may have been interrupted.

However, for one employee based in California, it all took a turn for the worst. It seems her boss grew increasingly agitated by her children disrupting work calls, as she alleged that she was fired over this type of incident. Since HR Grapevine published the story, it has been reported that the employee has filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming she was fired after complaining that her boss harassed her because he did not like that she had to care for her children during the day. According to reports, she is suing the firm for gender discrimination and harassment, and wrongful termination.

In this week’s podcast, Jade Burke, Online Editor of myGrapevine, sits down with Dan Cave, Head of Content at Executive Grapevine Digital Media, to discuss the topic of gender discrimination in the workplace, how employees should be supported and what HR can do to tackle the issue. The pair speak to a John Palmer, Senior Guidance Managing Editor at Acas and Emma Swan, Head of Commercial Employment law at Forbes Solicitors, to discuss the matter further.

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