No commute | Employees save THIS amount of time due to WFH

Employees save THIS amount of time due to WFH

Working from home saves London commuters an average of 23.5 days per year in travel time, new research has found.

Tyto’s Cost of a London Commute study revealed that those travelling into the city spend almost two and a half unpaid hours per day travelling door-to-door.

In addition, the data unearthed that within a year, this equated to 23.5 full 24-hour days and an average of £10,020 worth of unpaid time racked up.

Brendon Craigie, Founder and Managing Partner at Tyto, said that the survey results highlighted both the tangible and invisible costs of commuting. 

He explained: “The economic costs include not only earnings lost to the cost of the commute, but also the mental cost of unpaid hours spent travelling to the office. 

“Work from home measures enacted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have revealed that perhaps these costs can be avoided by implementing remote working." 

Being able to work from home saves London commuters an average of £5,411 in travel costs which is a saving that will be welcomed by staff.

The study also looked into the different commuter towns, of which Oxford, Worthing and Tunbridge Wells were revealed as the three most expensive.

In these locations, on average, commuters would part with an eye-watering £5,969 per year to travel into London.

This was revealed as 14% higher than the average commuting costs from other London commuter belts.

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Craigie added: “Though this study considers the time cost and financial expenditure of commuting, in truth, the impact of a draining daily commute takes more than just a financial toll. It means you miss out on experiences with your family and friends and can also be of real detriment to your physical and mental wellbeing. 

“Fortunately, I think we’re now looking at the beginning of the end of the commute for many as employers begin to realise that there is little to be gained by commuting into a central London office location every day simply to perform a job that can likely be performed just as effectively remotely.”

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