PODCAST | What HR needs to know about racial inequality at work

What HR needs to know about racial inequality at work

Over the last few weeks, the news cycle has largely focussed on the protests that have arisen on the back of the killing of George Floyd by an American police officer, who is now facing a murder charge. As well as civil protests – which have reached the UK – lots of organisations have taken to social media to show support or solidarity towards those campaigning for the rights of Black employees. While it is positive that employers are supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement, there will likely be questions regarding what they are doing to support Black colleagues at work.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Sophie Parrott, Online Editor at HR Grapevine, sits down with Dan Cave, Head of Content at Executive Grapevine Digital Media, to discuss racial inequality at work and to share ways in which HR can help combat it. The pair speak to a legal expert about the responsibility that employers have under the Equality Act when it comes to racial equality at work, as well as looking at some of the most recent statistics on racial equality at work.

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