Bon Appétit | Boss resigns after 'brownface' photo emerges

Boss resigns after 'brownface' photo emerges

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has inspired protests and vigils across the world as individuals have come together to fight against racism and police brutality. As such, it has also shone a light on racism in the workplace sparking organisations to look at how their structures might perpetuate racial inequalities and allow for racist behaviours. This is likely why the resignation of one boss has created headlines. Adam Rapoport, the long-time Editor in Chief of Bon Appétit magazine, stepped down from his position yesterday after an image showing him in 'brownface' surfaced online. According to the Daily Mail, the image was originally posted on Instagram by the editor’s wife Simone Shubuck in 2013, which depicts the pair dressed up as derogatory Puerto Rican stereotypes...

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