PODCAST | How HR can support lockdown wellbeing

How HR can support lockdown wellbeing

Recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that 51.3% of UK adults said that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their wellbeing, while 46.9% of adults reported high levels of anxiety.

There could be many reasons for this spike in anxiety such as job uncertainties, workers feeling isolated due to separation from family members and fears of contracting the virus itself. Elsewhere, the study found that 22.9% said that the pandemic was affecting their household incomes. So, there are many factors that could be contributing to a deterioration of wellbeing at the moment.

In this week’s podcast, HR Grapevine’s Online Editor, Sophie Parrott, sits down with Executive Grapevine Digital Media’s Deputy Editor, Kieran Howells, to talk through the extent that employers are responsible for looking after employee wellbeing. Additionally, the pair share key tips for HR practitioners about maintaining good physical, financial and mental employee wellbeing throughout this challenging period.

Listen on to find out more.

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