PODCAST | HR tips for sensitively laying off staff

HR tips for sensitively laying off staff

Over the last few weeks, global news agendas have been dominated by what organisations are doing to trade their way through this global crisis.

Whether it is cutting employee pay to compensate for the lack of money coming in, CEOs going months on end without a salary or, employees being laid off because work has dried up, employers and employees alike are currently treading on very uncertain territory and it is a very challenging time for everyone involved.

In this week’s podcast, HR Grapevine’s Online Editor, Sophie Parrott, sits down with myGrapevine’s Editor, Jade Burke, to discuss staff layoffs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair discuss the recent coverage of the 406 staff members at the electric scooter company, Bird, who were laid off in a two-minute Zoom call. Additionally, the pair explore the legalities of laying staff off, best practice for sensitively communicating redundancies over the phone, as well as providing examples of what employers should consider during this challenging period.

Listen on to find out more.

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