Coronavirus | Workers at THESE firms receive a 'crisis' bonus

Workers at THESE firms receive a 'crisis' bonus

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted employers and employees around the world.

With the UK now in a three-week lockdown, as announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week, some businesses are struggling to cope financially with little or no customers to serve. This, sadly, may result in some of the workforce being laid off.

Elsewhere, some firms have had to cut staff hours or pay to keep the organisation afloat.

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Yet, amid this uncertainty, some global brands have been able to give their staff a bit of financial relief.

HR Grapevine has collated a list of five employers that have given staff a bonus in this difficult time.

JPMorgan Chase

“Front-line employees” and bank tellers working for JPMorgan Chase will receive a one-off bonus of up to £849.96 ($1,000) to help relieve issues like childcare and transportation.

According to CNBC, on Friday the bank announced the following to staff in a memo: “To help them meet these challenges and to recognise their ongoing commitment to our customers, clients and communities, we will make a one-time COVID-19 special payment equal to a maximum of US$1,000."


Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak hit British shores, supermarkets and workers have been under immense pressure to satisfy the demand of panicked shoppers.

To thank staff for their hard work throughout the coronavirus outbreak, the discount supermarket chain is gifting staff a ten per cent bonus.

This bonus is intended to acknowledge the employees that have been "working tirelessly throughout this extremely busy time".

Aldi reportedly told The Sun that the bonuses will be calculated based on contracted hours, as well as additional hours on top since March 9, 2020.


Some employees working at Citigroup will receive £849.96 ($1,000) to compensate for the “financial burden” of working amid the global pandemic.

According to CNBC, Citigroup’s CEO, Michael Corbat, said that the firm will provide more than 75,000 global employees with a “special compensation award”.

“In the U.S., an award of £849.96 ($1,000) will be provided to eligible colleagues who make £50,340 ($60,000) or less in base salary. Outside the U.S., the special award will be based on local market compensation levels,” Corbat added.


The supermarket giant Tesco has also offered staff a ten per cent bonus as a thank you for their “incredible effort” in store.

Bonuses will also be backdated to March, 9, 2020 for all permanent staff, to give them as much financial support as possible – the Newark Advertiser reported.

Jason Tarry, Tesco's UK and Republic of Ireland Chief Executive, said: "It's been an extraordinary couple of weeks and despite the enormous challenges, it's been incredible to see how colleagues have stepped up and responded, doing an outstanding job during the uncertain and difficult time.

"This pay bonus is just one way we are saying thank you to our colleagues and recognising that they are on the frontline, helping to feed the nation."


The tech giant, Facebook, handed its employees a whopping bonus to thank them for continuing to work through the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to Metro, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed that full-time employees who are working from home, will get an £849.96 ($1,000) cash bonus to help them survive the pandemic, via an internal memo.

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However, it was reported that this bonus will not apply to contractors, who may be performing daily tasks such as comment moderation. Instead, they will continue to receive their full salary regardless of whether they are able to fully complete their work because of an illness.

When Tech Crunch asked Facebook why contractors weren’t receiving a bonus, the tech behemoth sent the following statement in response: “For contract workers, we are sending them home and paying them in full even if they are unable to work, which is much more meaningful than a one-off payment,” the statement added.

What are employers doing to support NHS staff?

Aside from rewarding their own staff for their efforts throughout this testing time, employers have announced a plethora of shopping discounts for NHS to show thanks and support.

Last week, Pret A Manager announced in a LinkedIn post that NHS workers would receive hot drinks on the house and would get 50% off everything that they purchase.

After hearing that few NHS staff had been able to leave the hospital and eat a healthy meal, Itsu announced in a LinkedIn post that they would try to deliver as much free food to hardworking hospitals across the country.

Online clothing retailers such as In The Style have also announced exclusive discount codes to show their appreciation to NHS staff.

Amid the mass panic buying chaos, some supermarkets have been left without stock which has impacted the most vulnerable people, as well as doctors and nurses, who are struggling to find items.

To prevent this, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, M&S, Waitrose and Aldi have all allocated a specific window of time for NHS staff to fill up their trolleys before the shops open to the public.

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