Coronavirus fears | This Morning presenter pulls out of show

This Morning presenter pulls out of show

The This Morning TV presenter Ruth Langsford has been told to pull out of today’s show amid fears of coronavirus.

Langsford’s husband, Eamonn Holmes, announced via his social media platform that the tv star was feeling “a bit under the weather” – The Daily Mail reported.

While there are currently questions circulating over the mystery illness that she has reportedly contracted, former The Saturday’s singer, Rochelle Humes, was drafted in to replace Langsford on the show.

Over the last few weeks, huge numbers of people with possible symptoms have been asked to self-isolate while hundreds of employers have advised staff to work remotely to help contain the spread.

Some of the employers that have instructed staff to work remotely include Twitter, Google and Coinbase.

A Google Spokesperson previously told Business Insider: “We continue to take precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our workforce, in accordance with the advice of medical experts, and as part of that effort we have asked our Dublin teams to work from home tomorrow.”

Since then, several organisations, including Amazon, have banned all non-essential travel in the US and internationally.

The ecommerce giant asked all of its 798,000 staff members to halt all non-essential travel, both domestic and internally, with immediate effect.

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Comments (2)

  • Unknown
    Wed, 10 Jun 2020 1:18pm BST
    This obviously doesn't follow isolation processes - if Ruth has CV19 symptoms, Eamon should also be self-isolating!
  • Boris
    Fri, 13 Mar 2020 1:34pm GMT
    I do feel that this is getting out of hand. Have people really considered the implications of not being at work? How many people in the UK don't get sick pay and would have to rely on SSP? What about if schools are closed and childcare providers also shut their doors? Many people will end up on un-paid dependants leave and that'll be it. It'll also open the floodgates to all the skivers, people pulling sickies under the cover of Coronavirus. It should be business as usual unless the government dictates otherwise. Personally I am sick of hearing about this virus and it's "so-called" implications.

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