Coronavirus | Firm has THIS novel way to improve office hygiene

Firm has THIS novel way to improve office hygiene

Over the last few weeks, several corporations have announced temporary working arrangements to contain the spread of coronavirus.

For example, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has urged some of the firm’s global office employees to work remotely this week "if your job allows" in a memo sent to employees.

In the memo obtained by Bloomberg News, Cook said that the organisation was working to reduce “human density and ensure those teams that are on-site can do their work safely with peace of mind”.

Yet, not all employers have introduced remote working arrangements. For a large portion of organisations, business in the office is continuing as normal but with precautionary measures put in place, including handwashing guidance and extra hand sanitising facilities. 

With people being encouraged to regularly wash their hands to prevent the spread of the virus, one boss has taken further steps to safeguard his staff.

Shai Aharony, Chief Executive at digital marketing agency Reboot, has put an egg timer on one of the tables in the middle of the office to remind staff to wash their hands every 30 minutes, according to the BBC.

Additionally, to prevent the spread Reboot has announced that staff are prohibited from sharing keyboards or any other computer equipment.

"Where possible, we ask [employees] to work from home and video call for any meetings. We have also banned table tennis in the office," Aharony told the BBC.

Elsewhere, other companies have imposed temporary bans to handshaking at events or meetings to prevent the spread.

This was the decision taken by Laura Foll, from asset management firm Janus Henderson, who told the BBC: “I think companies will be quite happy with that. If you think you're doing a corporate roadshow around all of Europe, think how many investors' hands you're going to have to shake."

On Twitter, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Director of Pandemic Disease, Sylvie Brand, retweeted an infographic illustrating how employees can get creative to avoid shaking hands with others which included 'elbow bumping' and waving as alternatives. 

To safeguard employees in the workplace, Public Health England (PHE) issued the following recommendations which include the below:

  • Regularly disinfect touched objects and surfaces.

  • Avoid contact with those who are unwell.

  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands aren’t clean.

  • Wash hands regularly with hot, soapy water.

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, bin it and wash your hands immediately.

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  • Michelle
    Mon, 9 Mar 2020 1:10pm GMT
    You've not added the Vietnamese way - touching feet! Brilliant! :-D

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