Relationships | Staff trust robots MORE THAN their boss

Staff trust robots MORE THAN their boss

Trust is one of the most essential elements of any successful leader.

Trust and positive engagement empower employees to perform to a higher level, and those who feel these traits in their leader are 39% more likely to do the same, according to Gallup research. However, there is currently a vast divide between employees and their managers which is creating a trust vacuum.

32% of employees said that they wouldn’t put ideas forward to their boss, 82% of workers don’t trust their boss to tell the truth, and 79% cited a poor relationship with their senior leader as a key reason for them quitting.

Whilst employer-employee relationships are breaking down, the solution could be the proliferation of more technology within the workplace, according to the latest data. A recent study from Oracle and Future Workplace stated that a massive 64% of employees would trust a robot more than they trust their manager.

What does this mean for the future of the workforce?

Whilst humans are currently in the vast majority of leadership roles, this data highlighted the effect that AI and automation could have on the future of the workplace. The majority of employee’s stated that they are ‘excited’ and ‘optimistic’ about the potential that this technology displays.

They also believe that such tech could help them master skills (36%), gain more free time (36%) and expand their current role so that its more strategic (28%).

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So, does this mean future bosses could be robots? The data does seem to suggest this as being preferable for employees. If the data surrounding efficiencies in general management continues to show negative trends, then this could be a viable solution.

According to CareerBuilder, 58% of managers cited a lack of management training for their pitfalls, whereas 82% of those polled in the Oracle study believe that a robot could improve on the skills and experience that their manager has. They believe that this would mean jobs are completed ‘flawlessly, quickly, and without tiring’.

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