Excuses | Worker's late arrival exposed in EPIC Photoshop fail

Worker's late arrival exposed in EPIC Photoshop fail

At some point during an employee’s career, they will likely show up to work late. Whether this is due to traffic on the roads, rail disruptions or a missed alarm, if employees occasionally turn up late to work then it is likely to be excused as long as there is a legitimate reason for this.

Yet, one worker who attempted to justify her late arrival to work with a ‘Photohopped’ image of a nail in a car tyre has been rumbled by her boss – Birmingham Live reported.

The worker’s efforts were ridiculed by a supposed colleague on Twitter – and it was made clear that she didn’t pay attention to the finer details in the photo.

The Twitter post garnered a wealth of engagement with one user joking: “Girl that tire isn't even real lmao."

The supposed co-worker responded: "Right? We googled it and it was the first picture to pull up when you type in ‘nail in tire’ lol."

Other Tweeters shared their own flat tyre images, encouraging users to use this next time they wanted to be excused for being late.

Most common excuses for employees arriving late

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that some excuses for turning up late or skipping work altogether are more popular than others.

Traffic (51%), oversleeping (31%), bad weather (28%), too tired to get up (23%) and forgetting something (13%) were common excuses used by employees to excuse their lateness.

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Other explanations included having an appointment that overran, a sick child, a family emergency, car problems or waiting for repairs people to arrive.

Missed alarm fiasco

Last year, HR Grapevine reported on Good Morning Britain host, Kate Garraway, who feared for her job after missing her morning alarm.

However, colleague Ranvir Singh stepped in last minute and presented the show alongside co-host Ben Shephard.  

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