PODCAST | Workplace safety and employee training

Workplace safety and employee training

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For many employees, workplace training is a phrase that they loathe. There are many reasons for this. Some employees may view training as a form of punishment, others may view it as an obstacle to getting on with their job or staff may just find it uninspiring or disengaging. But whether employees realise it or not, workplace training does serve a purpose and the snippets of information that they do learn can go on to help them later in life.

In this week’s episode of HR on the Grapevine, we talk about workplace training and how to help employees get the most out of it. Online Editor at HR Grapevine, Sophie Parrott, sits down with Jade Burke, Online Editor at Recruitment Grapevine, to discuss the importance of health and safety training at work, and discusses how HR can help employees get the most out of their training sessions.

The pair take an in-depth look at one of HR Grapevine’s most recent scoops: regarding an employee who saved his son’s life using first aid training he learnt at work. The employee took to LinkedIn explaining that he was able to save his choking son using ‘vital’ workplace training. While some employees may not see the value in attending training sessions, this story particularly illustrated the importance of health and safety training – not just to be applied in the workplace but as a skill that can be used universally in life too.

Listen on to find out more.

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