Xmas perks | Which retailer is giving staff a DOUBLE Christmas?

Which retailer is giving staff a DOUBLE Christmas?

For most employees, the Christmas period is one that they look forward to as it is a genuine period of down time for them to be able to switch off and relax.

However, for those in retail it can be the most stressful. Extended hours, busy shifts and last-minute requests can dominate the Christmas period.

Yet, Aldi, the popular German discounter, has decided to remain shut on Boxing Day as well as Christmas Day to give workers double the rest they might traditionally get working in the retail sector.

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This isn’t the first time the discounter has closed. One worker took to Facebook to say that they have consistently given staff this time off over the last ten years.

Others took to social media to commend Aldi. One commenter said: “At least some companies know how to treat their staff.”

Another added: “I wish Morrisons did this and new years day. My husband has to work both just because Morrisons won't close for 2 days. He’s security manager in a shopping centre and that's the only shop that open [sic]”.

However, Aldi isn’t the only famous brand which has treated staff over the Christmas period.

One commenter added that Homebase are also closing on boxing day this year – putting a smiley emoji and a thumbs up on their comment.

In addition, in 2018 Wagamama staff received up to £2,000 each after the sale of the firm.

At the time, the 4,000 individuals who worked for the firm received a share of the £4million bonus pot as ordered by outgoing Chief Executive Jane Holbrook.

There is an obvious benefit to gifting employees. According to One4allRewards.co.uk, HR bosses who gift their employees’ bonuses over the festive period are far less susceptible to losing staff in the new year.

The study of 1,096 employees found that 58% of workers said that receiving a Christmas gift or bonus would deter them for looking for a new job.

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