PODCAST | Can you refuse to answer work emails?

Can you refuse to answer work emails?

Some days at work it can feel like all an individual is being paid to do is to respond to emails.

They wouldn’t be wrong. Recent research, conducted by Mckinsey Global, found that on average professionals spend 28% of their working week reading emails – which is the equivalent to well over one working day spent replying to the pings, notifications and pop-up messages.

So, would it be right to say that you don’t want to respond to an email – especially when there are so many other tasks to be getting on with? This is what this week’s HR on the Grapevine podcast discusses – whether it is ever right to say ‘I’m not replying to that’.

Looking at the case of one manager who took to an internet forum to ask for help on whether she could say no, HR Grapevine explores the impact of email burnout, what constitutes an urgent request and whether its ever possible to get away from ‘task fatigue’.

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