PODCAST | Romantic relationships at work

Romantic relationships at work

Modern-day working culture means that workers are spending more time at work with their colleagues than with family and friends. With the average British employee spending a whopping 84,171 hours at work throughout the course of their career, it is inevitable that some colleagues will be caught making eyes over the photocopier at one another or flirting over a cappuccino in the staff kitchen.

In fact, research from Reboot Digital found that 45% have openly admitted to dating a colleague, while 12% have wooed their boss demonstrating that love really is in the air at the office.

In this bumper episode of HR on the Grapevine the issue of workplace relationships will be dissectedSophie Parrott, Online Editor at HR Grapevine, talks to Head of Content Dan Cave about whether romantic relationships between colleagues are ever acceptable.

They take an in-depth look at one of HR Grapevine’s recent stories: regarding the sacking of McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook after it was revealed that he engaged in a consensual relationship with a colleague. The discussion will look at whether romantic relationships between co-workers are acceptable, and if not, how HR can communicate this through a clear and concise policy.

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