Imposter Syndrome | Louis Theroux opens up about work woes

Louis Theroux opens up about work woes

Employees, regardless of how successful they have been in their careers, will question their professional capabilities from time to time.

Whether it’s expressing concerns over the completion of an important project or doubting their likeability in the office, it is normal for employees to have reservations about their contributions every once in a while. Those in the public eye may appear to be confident but it seems that they are not exempt from feeling anxious about their workplace abilities.

British documentary maker Louis Theroux is the latest person in the public eye to open up about the anxiety and self-doubt that he has experienced during his career which has hurt his personal and professional life – Stylist reported.

In an interview with BBC Entertainment and Arts which discussed the release of his new book Gotta Get Theroux This he spoke about how his various failures have impacted his career.

“A theme of the book is getting through things, so I focused on challenges, things I found difficult: professional failures and worries, feeling I’m not up to it, I’m in over my head.

“I take my work arguably too seriously.

“I neglected my personal life to focus on achieving some sort of professional success. The price of my lack of emotional nous was paid by those nearest and dearest to me.

“I owed them something that connects in a deeper way. I needed to be honest and to give more of myself away… feel kind of naked, in a surprising, maybe a shocking way.”

Imposter Syndrome

Sadly, it is quite common for employees to experience some level of professional failure throughout their tenure and this can leave them questioning their capabilities. This is often referred to as Imposter Syndrome.

Also known as Imposter Phenomenon, Impostorism or Fraud Syndrome is a psychological pattern whereby an individual doubts their capabilities and squashes their accomplishments because they don’t feel worthy of praise.

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According to research from Blind, more than half of employees at Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google feel that they aren’t deserving of their role, despite hefty accomplishments.

Sufferers also fear that co-workers will eventually find out that they are a fraud.

How to combat Imposter Syndrome

With Imposter Syndrome affecting so many people, wellbeing and career experts CABA suggests five top tips for overcoming this lack of confidence:

  • Admit it – The experts recommend acknowledging these traits within yourself and trying to accept them for what they are. Accepting these feelings is the first step towards overcoming them.

  • Track it – Monitoring when you experience these feelings of self-doubt – as well as the details of it – will help you exercise some form of control over it.

  • Open up – Sharing your feelings with others may help you feel reassured and realise that your fears of inadequacy are illogical. Additionally, speaking to a therapist or coach could be beneficial.

  • Nobody’s perfect – Experts have found that those affected by Imposter Syndrome have perfectionist tendencies, so individuals are encouraged to remind themselves that nobody is perfect. Making a list of strengths and achievements could be a good way to bolster this thought process.

  • Take a bow – Instead of willingly taking the blame for when things go wrong, try to let yourself take credit when things go right. Remember to give yourself credit when credit is due.

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