Transformation | 8 in 10 HR leaders predict HUGE CHANGES to their role

8 in 10 HR leaders predict HUGE CHANGES to their role

As more technology infiltrates into the workplace and HR leaders adapt to the ever-evolving needs of employees, more and more professionals expect that their current role will be unrecognisable in the future.

In fact, findings from Sage’s new report The changing face of HR, show that 82% of HR leaders predict that their role will be completely different in ten years’ time, with 43% claiming that their organisation will not keep up with related changes in technology in that same ten-year timeframe.

The report, which features the perceptions of 500 senior HR and people leaders, discovered just how much the people function is being impacted by the growth of technology. 42% stated that HR decisions are driven by data and 51% are planning to access data in real time within the next year.

Elsewhere, 24% revealed they are using AI as part of their hiring process, with 56% hoping to adopt the tech within the next year. While these stats demonstrate HR’s ability to adopt new technologies, 57% said that they can’t invest in new tech because of resourcing restrictions. Similarly, just 25% rated their team as an expert within HR tech.

Despite recognition of the continuing changes to the HR department, many organisations are yet to prioritise the function when it comes to budget, investment and vision, as 51% claimed that a lack of vision and leadership in their business is preventing change.

“It’s clear that while many companies are adopting new technologies and making advancements within their HR departments on their journey towards a ‘people’ function, just as many remain resistant to invest,” said Paul Burrin, Vice President of Sage People.

“Although our research reveals that 53% of HR leaders are currently struggling to make the business case for change, how HR departments recruit, onboard employees, engage their workers and encourage productivity plays a vital role in the future of work. Companies ignore this at their own peril.”

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While there is some resistance to change regarding technology, HR leaders are adapting to change particularly in response to the increasing demands of the younger generation. 38% said that they have developed enhanced workplace experiences for all employees, something that 92% of Millennials believe have an impact on their productivity, according to a previous Sage report.

Burrin added: “As companies across the globe evolve in response to the advancement of data analytics and new technologies like AI and automation, HR and people departments must do the same – it’s critically important for growth, brand management and reputation, as well as employee engagement and satisfaction.”

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