Automation | 10 skills you need so robots don't take your job

10 skills you need so robots don't take your job

As more employees grow anxious over the future of their roles when it comes to the increasing use of AI and robots, a list of the most important attributes workers need to thrive in the workplace going forwards has been released.

Medical technologies firm Stryker created the ‘perfect’ employee, which found that personality often comes out on top over someone’s skillset, the Daily Mail reported.

It identified the most useful human qualities needed for staff members to succeed while working alongside technology and built Jamie – a mould of the ‘perfect’ employee.

The company revealed that Jamie boasts all of the skills needed to be a successful worker, including being agile, an active listener, being able to work well under pressure and having an entrepreneurial spirit.

Senior Director of Human Resources, Erin Cramlet, told the Daily Mail that employers are now starting to put a bigger emphasis on emotional traits over an impressive CV.

“Soon the traditional resume will be dead and it will be down to the personal qualities of someone over experience,” she said.

“For us it wasn't that conventional wisdom of looking at resumes, it was what are those characteristics that we're going to need from individuals and then we can train them up with new technology?

“We don't find the commonality in background but we find it in strengths and (personal) characteristics.”

As such, she warned that human employees will need to perform to a higher standard and have increased brain volume as the workforce becomes more focused on the use of robots and AI.

This also rings true with statistics, as a recent study from Oxford Economics revealed that robots will displace over 20million manufacturing jobs worldwide by 2030. The company added:

“The worker of the future will need human-centric skills in influence, negotiation and judgment.

“At the same time, the rise in automation will continue to demand a greater focus on creative roles and creative skills, as well as lifelong learning to support an ever-evolving workplace.”

Read the top ten skills needed for the future of work below:

  1. Impactful communicator

  2. Active listener

  3. Team player and collaborative

  4. Emotionally connected

  5. Result orientated

  6. Lifelong learner

  7. Human centric

  8. Influencer and negotiator

  9. Value driven and ethical

  10. Purpose driven.

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