Royal perks | Queen pledges wage increase & extra holiday for staff

Queen pledges wage increase & extra holiday for staff

Working as a staff member within the royal household, it’s likely that all employees take on a number of responsibilities as they strive to serve members of the royal family.

As a way of thanking employees for all their hard work during the past busy months, Queen Elizabeth II has granted a four per cent pay rise and an extra day’s holiday, the Express reported.

The Queen has offered members of staff working at her royal palaces who earn under £56,375 a bonus and an extra day of annual leave, which one royal source hopes will ‘lift’ the spirits of workers who lost most of their perks.  

This new benefit means that valets, gardeners, housemaids and footmen who traditionally have been given a yearly wage below £50,000 will receive a 1.5% cost of living increase.

Meanwhile, those workers who have impressed their employer with their performance will be awarded a 2.5% raise increase.

One royal insider told The Sun: “The staff are cock-a-hoop. It’s the best rise we’ve had in years.

“For too long the courtiers have relied on loyalty and the fact the staff love the Queen and have such respect for her.

“But they’ve lost a lot of the perks that used to compensate for such low pay and people have been struggling, so this will really help.

“Staff used to get all sorts of perks written in their contracts. There were free rooms, free soap and they were even allowed to finish up the dregs of wine and spirits leftover from state banquets.”

Over 400 staff members will benefit from the wage increase, which has been awarded due to their extra effort that went into hosting two royal weddings this year, as well as the state visit of US President Donald Trump.

How much can you earn working for the royal family?

Depending on what jobs individuals take on, they can earn a varied range from £15,000 up to £180,000. A trainee butler can take home an annual wage of £15,000, while the groom for the Queen’s horses will earn £20,000. The junior HR advisor can pocket between £26,000 and £30,000 and a social media specialist can enjoy £50,000 a year.

The highest-paid role within the royal household is the keeper of the privy purse; responsible for managing the royal family’s expenses and keeping costs down, they can earn up to £180,000 a year.

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