Professionalism | What does your work email say about you?

What does your work email say about you?

Emails are an essential part of day-to-day life for most office-based jobs.

For many workers, the first impression you’re likely to make to your associates and customers is in your email signature. Whilst the vast majority of workplace emails must be formal and professional in nature, a signature is one of the few areas in which workers have some control over their output.

As such, most workers take some time to ponder over what kind of message is best suited to their correspondence, and often this simply becomes a go-to response. From the more casual ‘cheers’ or ‘best’ to the more formal ‘kindest regards’, a lot can be gleamed from the content of an email signature.

As a result of this, Metro reported that professional Julia Burnham recently tweeted out what she considers to be the ultimate ‘email signature alignment’ chart which she created using the alignment system.

From left to right, the chart maps common sign-offs from what she calls lawful good, to chaotic evil. Whilst she classifies ‘warmly,’ as a lawful good signature and ‘thanks,’ as a lawful neutral sign-off, Burnham states that the ultimate chaotic evil signature is ‘ciao,’ closely followed by ‘sent from my iPhone’. The most neutral signature a worker can use, according to Burnham, is ‘sincerely,’ whilst no sign off at all is considered a neutral evil on the chart.

The post, which was retweeted by thousands of Twitter users, gained a mass of comments, some of which angrily disagreed with Burnham’s assessment. Other users, however, chose to add to the list, commenting that ‘Happy to chat’ is a ‘declaration of war’, whilst ‘as per my last email’ was noted to make the recipient ‘livid’.

What do you think your email sign-off says about you? Let us know in the comments...

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