Privilege | Sunday Times staff say workplace 'filled with unpaid interns'

Sunday Times staff say workplace 'filled with unpaid interns'

Internships are traditionally seen as an ideal entry into the workplace; young adults are able to learn their trade from experts, get the experience they need with on-the-job training, and earn enough money to live whilst building their CV.

However, the rising trend of seeing interns as sources of unpaid labour has created an unsustainable culture for young workers without the means to support themselves outside of earning monthly wages. One of the latest companies to come under scrutiny for such practices is the British newspaper The Sunday Times.

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Comments (1)

  • Boris
    Tue, 6 Aug 2019 1:23pm BST
    As with many areas of employment it is easy to blame the employer, although I am not condoning not paying interns, but if you expect to be the next big thing you have to be the small thing first. Very few people are able to walk into a job and start off managerial, yet many do think they're better than everyone else and this simply isn't the case. Young people need to be pushed into becoming part of the business, and if that means internships they should given them a go. However, employers also need to step up and pay interns what they're worth, not just a couple of pounds but a minimum rate wage should be set.