Case Study | StepStone: Empowering The Sales Team

StepStone: Empowering The Sales Team

StepStone’s mission is to be the job market of choice for customers and candidates.

Since 1996 they have had a simple ambition - to enable organisations to achieve better talent success than any other company. Today, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board businesses in the world, employing over 2,200 people who all work hard to deliver the best possible results for their customers.

StepStone embarked on a journey to help its sales managers to leverage even higher performance across their teams so that they continue to attain stretching targets and revenue goals and retain their market-leading position.

An Empowering Programme

StepStone selected Notion to design and run a bespoke management development programme for its sales managers: The Empowerment Programme. The Empowerment Programme was designed specifically to give sales managers the skills and tools they needed to help themselves and others to:

  • Resolve the issues they face

  • Solve problems with their peers and direct reports

  • Engage with others at a higher level

  • Improve communication and influencing skills

  • Tackle difficult conversations with confidence

  • Leverage higher performance and better results across the team

  • Engage with clients more effectively

An ‘Operational Coaching’ Approach

Notion’s programme introduced the sales managers to a new way of leading, managing and communicating using an ‘Operational Coaching’ approach. ‘Operational Coaching’ is an enquiry-led method of leading that helps managers to engage with their teams and clients more effectively. Managers who take an ‘Operational Coaching’ approach tend to ask better questions more of the time, which generates far more options and ultimately better solutions to problems. At the same time, team members learn to think more independently, more creatively, and feel more engaged and empowered to act and make decisions.

Notion’s Coaching Director, Laura Ashley-Timms explains, “Operational Coaching differs from 1-to-1 coaching because it happens ‘in the moment’, in everyday operational settings, and at the point of need, so it’s perfect for sales teams where high levels of agility can make all the difference.”

From StepStone’s point of view Patrick Wehrmann CEO of StepStone Holding UK, commented
“Coaching is an essential part of what we do in Sales Leadership; this includes performance and delivery as well as personal development. It is important to equip people with the right tools and skills to deliver successful coaching, and that’s exactly what we aim to do with this programme.”

Outstanding Results!

Following the programme, StepStone recorded an 81% increase in time spent coaching with the vast majority of sales managers spending more time leading and coaching rather than ‘doing’.
StepStone also reported initial commercial results which included a record sales month, new clients, new business sales, better negotiation, more effective meetings and more focused field sales. What’s more, this accounted for an 11 times return on investment.

Laura reflects on the programme’s success:

“What an amazing return on investment. StepStone’s sales managers have really embraced the programme and delivered fantastic results. It’s not all about the early commercial results though; what really drives sustainable change and long term returns is behavioural change. So, it’s really exciting to see the difference StepStone’s sales managers have made to the way they manage their teams and their client relationships as a result of the programme.”

Indeed, 100% of sales managers reported that they had improved their communication skills which has helped them to engage in more positive and empowering discussions, be more productive in meetings, and be able to resolve issues with team members, peers and clients more effectively. This has had a positive impact on:

  • Ownership

  • Empowerment

  • Collaboration

  • Motivation

  • Morale

  • Listening

  • Problem solving

  • Rate of learning

  • Personal Productivity

  • Goal orientation

  • Influencing

  • Decision making

  • Managing upwards

  • Conflict management

  • Client relationships

Here is just a small selection of the commercial benefits achieved by StepStone’s sales managers shortly after the programme:

‘Best Programme’

The Empowerment Programme was a hit with StepStone’s sales managers. Notion’s expert trainers received outstanding feedback with delegates giving them a rating of 99% for their effectiveness and demonstration of subject knowledge. This is what the sales managers had to say after the programme:

“I have been on a lot of training days and have found Notion’s Empowerment Programme to be one of the best I have been involved with. This has formed a huge part of my daily routine and has made me a better leader.”

“This programme is a great way of coaching and developing leaders of all levels. It really does make a cultural difference.”

“Simplicity is key. This course has opened my eyes to that. The skills this has given me in order to be more self-aware are invaluable. I am certainly a fan!”

“The Empowerment Programme is excellent for Sales Managers, Team Leaders and senior people looking to move up. The focus on coaching and understanding its power was excellent.”

The Future

StepStone is optimistic about the future. Their sales managers are already delivering significant successes and the skills, tools and practice they have gained from this programme will help shape an
empowered management team and a sustained coaching culture for the future.

Many thanks to StepStone for sharing their story.

Notion is a global expert in behaviour change. Click here to download the case study or for more information about how we can help empower your sales team to deliver the best possible commercial results, call us for an informal chat on +44(0)1926 889 885. 

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