Backlash | Worker criticised by boss for 'over the top sexy' LinkedIn profile

Worker criticised by boss for 'over the top sexy' LinkedIn profile

A boss has been blasted on social media after he called a woman ‘sl***y’ for wearing a basic, grey t-shirt on her LinkedIn profile picture.

Twitter user Sawyer, who is from Toronto, took to the social media platform to share her conversation she had with her manager to her 2,000 followers, reports The Sun.

She wrote: “My boss made a comment today along the line of ‘I don't get how women can complain about how they get treated when they do s*** like this.’

“I turned around and to see what he was talking about, and he was looking at a thumbnail of a profile pic of a woman on LinkedIn.”

The woman her boss was talking about was wearing a grey t-shirt and was simply smiling towards the camera, ‘a nice looking woman’ she recalled with a photo as ‘generic as you could get’.

Baffled by the question, Sawyer asked: “S*** like what?” To which her boss replied: “Taking selfies like that. Just, like, s****y pictures.”

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Still confused at why an image of a woman wearing a plain t-shirt could be considered too sexy, she asked him to explain further.

In her Twitter thread, she continued: “I told him to just explain what he meant. He talked for a minute about how if you're going to post pictures like that, you deserve what you get. I was incredulous and reiterated to him that it was literally just a picture of a smiling face.

“We had this go round for a few minutes – him going come on, you know what I mean, me going no, I literally don't. Eventually, I told him to define the word "s****y". He said, ‘Way over the top sexy and obviously down to f***’. I asked him what about that picture said that to him.

“After going in circles for about ten minutes he finally goes, ‘Well, she's insanely hot’."

The thread has since garnered over 139,000 likes, as well as thousands of comments from outraged social media users.

One user encouraged Sawyer to report her boss to her HR department, while others have shared their concerns for women for sharing a simple, professional headshot.

Another user wrote: “Not acceptable, no woman wants to work in the vicinity of this man. Please report and let him get some training.”

Sawyer then revealed to her followers that the man in question was, in fact, the President and owner of the company.

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