LinkedIn | REVEALED: 2019's most sought after job roles

REVEALED: 2019's most sought after job roles

How long would it take to recruit for a professional beer taster position for a brewery? Or maybe a ‘Professional Lego Builder’– a job Recruitment Grapevine has actually reported on in the past – for a theme park?

Whilst talent search for such roles would be as simple as sharing the role once on LinkedIn and letting the avalanche of submissions simply flow into your inbox, such roles don’t tend to show up every day. On the flip side, cultivating a wide and diverse audience in certain sectors can practically ensure good favour with a whole host of corporations searching for the right candidate for their highly in-demand vacancies – and those do come around every day.

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So what jobs are companies so desperate to fill? Where should you be building connections, and what companies should you be chomping at the bit to work with? Well, a new study recently released by LinkedIn has shared a master list of 33 jobs that have remained consistently in-demand. “Whether you’re a recruiter curious about where you’ll face the fiercest competition, a HR leader analysing trends to inform your workforce planning, or even a job seeker wondering what career path to follow, these insights show the most sought-after job titles,” states LinkedIn.

Let’s start with the top three jobs across all industries. These are the white whales for the recruitment industry: 

1. DevOps Engineer

LinkedIn says: “If you’re looking to hire DevOps Engineers, you should strongly consider searching for adjacent and overlapping titles, like Site Reliability Engineer, as well.”

2. Enterprise Account Executive 

LinkedIn says: “While the biggest supplies of Enterprise AEs are found in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston, you should also consider sourcing in Austin, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.—those are three hidden gem locations with high supplies and relatively low demand.”

3. Front-End Engineer

LinkedIn says: “Beijing has the largest supply of Front-End Engineers, followed by San Francisco—but demand is relatively low in Beijing, while it’s very high in SF. Work-life balance is the most important factor for Front-End Engineers when considering a job opportunity, according to LinkedIn’s Employer Value Propositions Survey, so be sure to hit on that point when making your pitch.”

The following three are the most-recruited jobs in the tech industry:

  1. Enterprise Account Executive

  2. DevOps Engineer

  3. Sales Development Rep

The following three are the most-recruited jobs in finance:

  1. Data Scientist

  2. Senior Software Engineer

  3. Senior Tax Associate

The following three are the most-recruited jobs in retail: 

  1. Software Engineer

  2. Senior Financial Analyst

  3. Senior Brand Analyst 

The following three are the most-recruited jobs in professional services: 

  1. Senior Software Engineer

  2. Data Scientist

  3. Front-End Developer 

The following three are the most-recruited jobs in education, government and non-profit:

  1. Software Engineer

  2. Business Analyst

  3. System Administrator

The following three are the most-recruited jobs in sales:

  1. Enterprise Account Executive

  2. Sales Development Representative

  3. Senior Sales Engineer

The following three are the most-recruited jobs in marketing:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

  2. Product Marketing Manager

  3. Senior Brand Manager

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