Rubbish! | Seagull baiting & toilet flushing: Employees share WORST work experience roles

Seagull baiting & toilet flushing: Employees share WORST work experience roles

The purpose of a work experience placement is to give a school leaver or a university undergraduate the opportunity to enhance their skills, come to terms with the office environment, make contacts and above all, improve their skillsets for CV purposes.

While some interns may be tasked with some of the more mundane tasks such as filling out spreadsheets, taking down minutes in meetings and occasionally making the tea and coffee, they should leave their placement having learnt more than that otherwise it is utterly pointless.

Twitter user @kt_grant asked fellow Tweeters what the most clichéd, ridiculous or horrible task that they were assigned to do on work experience was and it received lots of shocking responses.

Grant started off the thread by explaining that her worst intern experience was being “sent to pick up the feature’s editors dry cleaning when I was at a major women’s mag – and being *genuinely* excited at the opportunity to ‘prove myself.’” HR Grapevine collated some of the worst tasks that employees were tasked with when interning earlier in the careers.

Read the full thread below

1. Crossed the line

2. Loafing around 

3. Tea-leafing my work

4. Foot in the door 

5. Just pug-et it 

6. Twitter sweet

7. Slip up

8. Do not disturb 

9. Take a seat - or not

10. I've got the poo-wer

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