Bake off | Employee threatened with HR after refusing to bake cake

Employee threatened with HR after refusing to bake cake

An employee has threatened to go to HR after a colleague refused to bake them a birthday cake for free – Metro reports.

The colleague was baffled at the audacity of her co-worker who asked her to make an impressive birthday cake – a lavish design which would have been deserving of star-baker prize from the Bake Off’s duo Prue and Paul. What was even more confusing was that the pair barely knew one another so it was quite cheeky of the employee to ask in the first place.

The anonymous Reddit user shared a screenshot of the conversation which read: “Hey I heard from… that you baked a cake for your team on his birthday. It’s my birthday next week, can you bake me a cake and bring it into the office? It’s free right?”

The surprised colleague responded explaining that she had volunteered to make a birthday cake in the past because the team contributed money towards the ingredients. She went on to explain that it would probably be awkward for her to make the cake for this distant colleague considering she didn’t know anyone in the team, and the pair didn’t really know each other.

So, by this point most colleagues would settle for a slice of Tesco's finest Kevin the Caterpillar cake or just cut their losses and find plan B in an established bakery. But it seems that the rude co-worker wasn’t prepared to let her colleague off the hook.

“I was gonna buy a cake to but it’s free to ask you to make it, so can you do this cake, on Monday bring it to my desk at two and I’ll just give it to everyone so it’s not awkward for you to talk to my people.”

The rude co-worker proceeded to send a photo of what she expected from her unwilling colleague – a lavish cake topped with Ferrero Rocher and Lindt truffles. Hoping to sway her colleague into baking the cake, she clarified that the cost of the cake would equate to her birthday gift.

So, the colleague compromised and agreed to make a box cake or cookies, but this idea was snubbed by the rude co-worker.

The reluctant cake-baking colleague fought back: “No I’m really sorry but the fact that you just want me to make this cake and deliver it to your desk so you can present it as your own contribution makes no sense to me.

"Also, I’m going to be kind of busy this weekend dog sitting. I think maybe it’s best for you to order a cake so you know it’ll be up to your standards or something.”

The furious cakeobsessed employee responded: “You think I have the money for that? Please!!! You’re my co-worker. It’s my birthday. I want this cake.

“I’m going to avoid you in the office from now on and tell everyone how you really are. Watch your back, HR might want a word with you soon.”

This thread caused outrage on Reddit and was a huge talking point among dismayed users who discussed the HR issues relating to this incident.

User ThatBankTeller wrote: “Well the good news is HR won’t give a single f*** that you didn’t make your co-worker a cake for their birthday, but they may be interested in that thinly veiled threat she just made.”

Another user suggested that the disgruntled, now cakeless co-worker, could try and frame the colleague for not doing as requested. InsomniaAbounds wrote: “She may pick something randomly to try to frame you. So, before that happens, you need to let HR know she had threatened your job/reputation, and you have written proof.”

When a threat of this form takes place – regardless of how big or small it is – employees should report it to HR and they can deal with the incident accordingly.

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