Work-life balance | 'Stressed' Millennials work 780 hours a year less than parents

'Stressed' Millennials work 780 hours a year less than parents

The age-old trope of older generations grilling youths with clichéd soundbites such as ‘In my day we worked more than you youngsters’ are often disregarded as seniors being seniors.

Yet, new research conducted by fitness network Hussle, indicates that modern professionals work an average of 783 hours per year less than their parents did – The Sun reports.

This, according to the research, is due to the dissolution of Britain’s once-prevalent ‘clock-in and clock-out’ culture, along with a rise in flexible working and self-employment career paths among the 18-35 age group.

This works out to an average of three hours’ a day less than the traditional nine to five. Two-thirds of Brits polled say that they are not chained to their desks, as their parents were.

However, whilst the average amount of hours worked has reduced, the trade-off, according to younger generations, is a rise in the amount of pressure and stress in the professional field. As many as 86% of young Brits feel stressed, with more than one in ten young people have had time off from work because of pressures.

Over 12% of young workers have seen their GP due to stress and anxiety.

The research unearthed some other concerning statistics. Whilst 31% of those polled claim that they don’t have a boss that micromanages, more than a quarter claim to still be anxious about work. 21% of Brits have also struggled to sleep due to workplace anxieties.

The same generation has a vastly different view of their parents’ working conditions. Three-quarters of the 2,000 18-35-year-olds polled believe that their parents didn’t experience anxiety in the workplace; 20% even admitted that their parents and grandparents were simply more robust.  

Jamie Ward, CEO of Hussle who led the study, commented: "It’s interesting to see how many young Brits feel completely stressed out by the complexity and multitasking nature of today’s world.

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"As the study has discovered we might not be working as many hours as our parents’ generation but we’re certainly feeling the pressure.

“The hustle approach to life is now being celebrated and admired. We’re seeing the rise in a generation who have an increasingly positive mindset towards a varied and flexible lifestyle, and we have over a million customers who are striving to make life work out for them each day – juggling careers, friends, kids and fitness,” he added.

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