Bad business | These are the top factors that could get you fired

These are the top factors that could get you fired

Being fired is a nightmare scenario for the vast majority of workers. The concept of being cast out with no stability, future or regular income is an anxiety-inducing thought, especially when it’s simply thrust upon you with no warning.

However, there are things you can do to avoid having to face such an issue; most firings actually come down to one of five main reasons, and whilst redundancy can indeed be faced at any time, all professionals can take steps to ensure that they aren’t at risk of being ‘forcibly let go’.

So, what are the top reasons that professionals face the chop?

Being openly critical of your management

Regardless of how you feel about your boss, there’s never an excuse for consistently being outwardly critical of their actions. If they feel attacked by you, they will almost definitely take steps to remove you from your position. Managers want to feel like their team is behind them and supporting them, regardless of their strategy. If you have a serious issue with how a project is being managed, write your thoughts down and present them to the manager directly.

Being drunk at work 

This is a simple one. Don’t want to be fired for being drunk on the job? Then don’t get drunk at work. Why would you ever think that this is acceptable? Don’t get drunk at work. Just don’t.

Improper use of company property

This sounds complicated, but ultimately it comes down to playing it safe and assuming that your boss can see literally everything you’re doing. Whilst using office chairs to play bumper cars is an obvious no-no, there are more complex issues to consider. You may feel ownership over your work computer but remember that everything you’re doing can be tracked and logged. If you spend your day browsing Reddit when you should be getting work done, your boss will soon know about it, and you could be fired.

Refusing to follow orders 

This is a very similar issue to being openly critical. It can be infuriating but ultimately, you’re paid to do what your boss tells you to do. If you refuse to follow those orders, you’re not only refusing to do your job, but also potentially preventing others from doing theirs. Many professionals undervalue the benefits of being in a bad manager’s good books. Instead of seeing you as a threat, they’ll see you as an ally and actually come to you for advice and council – this is a far more effective way of instigating change and won’t get you fired.

Engaging in office gossip/politics 

The whispers that pass along desks in offices are often taken as law, yet when you evaluate the evidence, it’s probably nonsense. The rumour will have been either pulled out of thin air in order to cause controversy or overheard in a fractured conversation without context. A wise professional would stay away from becoming embroiled in such nonsense. No good can come from choosing sides.

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Sleeping on the job 

Late night last night? Yeah, no one cares. Getting enough sleep is completely your responsibility, and by bringing your home issues into work, you’re blurring boundaries that should never be blurred. Keep it professional; keep your eyes open.

Stealing office property 

Really? Yes, you should be fired. And you should probably have a long think about the career you intend on having. Take that shiny new stapler you’ve been lusting after out of your bag and get on with your day.

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