#MeToo | Lawyers aim to educate HR with 'intricate' #MeToo podcast

Lawyers aim to educate HR with 'intricate' #MeToo podcast

A bunch of HR-savvy lawyers have decided that they’re going to help the people function keep up-to-date with employment law by launching their own podcast.

TLT LLP has launched an ‘Employment Law’ podcast which aims to, in their own words, “delve into the biggest topics affecting HR teams.”

Speaking to HR Grapevine, Jonathan Rennie, Partner, TLT LLP explained that employment law is constantly moving so it’s important HR keeps up.

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He said: “Employment law lends itself quite well to podcasting because it's such a fast-moving area and the topics are complex, meaning it can help to dig below the surface and hear what the experts have to say.”

The first episode will look at the #MeToo movement – highlighting the impact of social media on proceedings as well as difficult intricacies which might trip HR up.

It will also investigate some more unusual elements of the issue such as the US-style ‘love contracts.’

Rennie explained what this is. “A 'love contract' or 'relationship contract' is a legal contract that is meant to limit the liability of an employer whose employees are romantically involved,” he said.

“These are more commonly used in the US, and the presenters discuss whether they can see these making their way over here.”

With the world of business finding itself in a moment of change, Rennie added that he hopes the podcast will educate HR teams as they “face more issues than ever.”

"There isn't a day goes by when you don't read about employment issues in the media,” he added. “HR teams are faced with more issues than ever – many of which are important enough to feature on the boardroom agenda – making it trickier to keep up to date.

"No matter how much experience you have, there's always more you can learn. By drawing on our own personal experiences and expert insights into how these macro issues are shaping employment practices in the UK, we hope that there'll be something new and useful for everyone.”

The podcast can be accessed via TLT’s site.

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