Equality | How to close your gender pay gap

How to close your gender pay gap

At midnight tonight, the deadline to disclose your company’s gender pay gap closes; by all accounts, the results are touted to be meagre in terms of genuine action to close the pay gap, despite heightened awareness around the issue in the public eye.

The median pay gap among companies that have reported so far is ten per cent against 9.7% from last year, with the likes of EasyJet, Lloyds Bank, Clydesdale Bank and British Gas among the worst offenders - the BBC reports.

The lack of investment in gender equality in some of the nation’s largest companies begs the question – why aren’t companies taking genuine action to ensure that men and women are paid equally?

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The answer, unfortunately, isn’t as clear cut as you may have hoped. Ultimately, many historical factors are at play in pay inequality, with many stemming from the professional sector’s long-standing male dominance.

Whilst the biggest issue for many is the simple fact that men are perceived to be more senior in workplaces and therefore paid more for similar positions, the disparity in seniority between men and women in corporations speaks of a deep-rooted belief that women simply aren’t leaders – a fact that powerful business visionaries such as ex-PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi are working hard to disprove.

How can you action change in your company?

Ultimately equality needs to be at the heart of the HR process; to avoid workplace sexism, HR must ensure that it has a seat at the table, with the power and oversight to ensure that all hiring, and salary negotiations are handled without bias.

Much of the continued workplace sexism still seen in offices isn’t stated boldly in townhalls, it’s subtly peppered into the belief system that governs it. Identifying casual sexism and taking steps to eradicate it is absolutely essential for the HR process to be effective.

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