Top jobs | Prince Harry and Meghan looking to hire 'manny' to care for new baby

Prince Harry and Meghan looking to hire 'manny' to care for new baby

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, along with her husband, Prince Harry, are rumoured to be looking to hire a ‘manny’ – a male nanny – once their baby is born this spring, AOL reports.

A royal insider is alleged to have said "Hiring a manny is far more common in the US — a nation that Meghan is more in tune with — than in the UK. She's keen to introduce the royal family to what she considers a more enlightened, modern American approach."

The source suggested that Harry may be interested in allowing his child an upbringing similar to his own.

"Of course, Harry had a very tomboyish nanny himself in Tiggy who taught him and William about abseiling, fishing and other outdoor pursuits in Monmouthshire,” they said – referring to Tiggy Legge-Bourke, a personal assistant to Prince Charles and nanny to William and Harry.

Some have speculated that this interest in a male nanny indicates Meghan knows she is having a boy – but this has not been confirmed by the royals.

The Sun adds that the couple will also be looking for a candidate who is bilingual – which means the young royal will be able to grow up practicing a vital skill. "A bilingual nanny is an avenue they both wish to explore,” the source added. “Meghan speaks good Spanish and has been honing her French and will be keen that her offspring retain an ear for languages.”

The couple might not have a difficult time recruiting for the new position - roles linked to the royal household are soaring in popularity on LinkedIn, according to recent research from the site.

Among the most-viewed jobs of 2018are three which involve working closely with the monarchy, including a communications assistant in the number two spot, private secretary to Anne in eighth place and a job as a communications officer featuring at 24.

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