Employer Branding | Are these the worst LinkedIn posts of all time?

Are these the worst LinkedIn posts of all time?

LinkedIn can be an excellent tool for HR professionals. You can use it to look for talented people in your industry that you may want to hire. You can use it to build an exciting employer brand, or you can even work on your engagement strategy using workplace groups.

However, some people adopt a different tactic on the social media site. A Twitter account, @StateOfLinkedIn, has begun to compile the worst cases of bragging, misuse or business mumbo-jumbo on the site, to find the most cringeworthy messages ever uploaded.

Here are the top ten worst examples of LinkedIn failures:

1. Hashtag happy

Using hashtags can be a great way to ensure your content is seen by the right people. This user, however, decided to tag up almost every word in her message.

2. Proud poster

Being confident is usually a good thing - but this LinkedIn poster took it to the next level. 

3. Out of the mouth of babes

Boasting that your young relative said something profound has long been a Facebook favourite - but now the trend has reached LinkedIn too.

4. Lost at sea

This user's 'inspirational' post didn't quite hit the mark.

5. Bored at the beach

Having a job you love is all well and good, but preferring it to a holiday might be stretching the truth a little...

6. One good turn

They say a good deed is its own reward - but some people want recognition for it too.

7. Motorway madness

When you stop at a service station, it is usually for a quick cup of coffee or a comfort break - not an 'experience'...

8. A new start

This user wanted to make a dramatic statement about her new goals.

9. Newspaper nightmare

A classic 'kids these days' post, updated for LinkedIn.

10. To assume makes an ass of you and me

Why would someone jump to this strange conclusion?

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