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Most popular HR job titles for 2019

Increasingly it may seem that job titles mean less and less. With increasingly specialised functions it is now possible to be a developer evangelist, cloud chief architect or python developer. (Yes, we’re also not too sure, either).

However, within the realm of HR job titles nomenclature still seems to be fairly traditional. According to research by CultureAmp, who analysed HR job postings in the US, UK and Australia throughout 2018, there isn’t anything surprising.

The most popular HR job title in the UK was HR manager – with 476 job postings. This was followed by HR Advisor with 337 postings and then Learning & Development Officer with 262 postings.

The top 10 are:

RankJob Title
1HR Manager
2HR Advisor
3Learning and Development Officer
4Resourcing Business Partner
5HR Business Partner
6HR Officer
7HR Generalist
8HR Consultant
9HR Coordinator
10HR Administrator

However, it wasn’t all so plain. CultureAmp found increasing numbers of unique titles too. Last year, 10 Head of People roles were posted. Firms also wanted Heads of Organisational Development and Employee Engagement Advisors.

Analysis of the data suggests that whilst UK HR might have an increasing interest in employment engagement and organizational culture, this is not yet reflected in titles.

From our magazine

CultureAmp added that in Australia Head of People and Culture was the most searched for job title. “This tells us that some Australian businesses are ready to put People and Culture at the center of their organization’s success,” wrote Alexis Croswell, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Culture Amp.

To find out the most popular job titles in the US and UK, read on.

Most popular HR job titles in US:

RankJob Title
1HR Business Partner
2Human Resources Business Partner
3HR Generalist
4Human Resources Generalist
5Human Resources Manager
6Human Resources Administrator
7Human Resources Coordinator
8Human Resources Assistant
9Senior Human Resources Business Partner
10Learning and Development Specialist


Most HR job titles in Australia:

RankJob Title
1HR Business Partner
2Head of People and Culture
3Care Service Employee
4Learning and Development Advisor
5Human Resources Advisor
6Human Resources Coordinator
7Learning and Development Manager
8Human Resources Manager
9Human Resources Office
10People and Culture Advisor

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