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10 most employable degrees in the UK

As the UK job market hits ultra-competitive levels, it might feel like any degree at all is likely to help your candidates score a top job. However, not all degrees are created equal, as research from Fresh Student Living reveals that certain roles are far more likely to result in an applicant being snapped up by an eager employer.

The top 10 most employable degrees:

Degree/CourseRate of Employability

Medicine and Dentistry

99% of all medicine and dentistry students land a job within six months of leaving uni.

Veterinary Science

This degree holds its own in the employment stakes with 98% of graduates finding work within six months after graduating.

Subjects Allied to Medicine

These degrees are not only some of the most popular, but also have an employability rate of 95% within six months of graduating.

Architecture, Building & Planning

When it comes to graduate prospects, 90% of students find employment within six months of graduating. 


90% of all teaching graduates land a job within six months of graduating as there is always a need for teachers.


Another sought-after degree, graduates can look forward to employment rates of 85% within six months of graduating.

Computer Science

A computer science degree means a broad and diverse job market, including programming, virtual reality and even AI. Huge demand for these roles results in a success rate of 80% within six months of graduating.

Mathematical Sciences

Maths graduates are highly employable, especially in the IT or finance sectors. Graduates with this degree can enjoy an employability rate of 79%.

Business and Administrative Studies

75% of graduates with this versatile degree are in full-time employment within six months of graduation.


Students with law degrees are quickly snapped up with an employment rate of 74% within six months of graduation.

Separate research from extracted data from QS Graduate Employability Rankings to find that degrees from some universities are more employable than others.

From our magazine

Lancaster University and the University of Aberdeen ranked joint first with 95.9% of graduates securing employment up to 12 months of leaving university.

The University of Surrey ranked third (95.5%) with Robert Gordon University in fourth position (94.9%) and 94.3% of Cambridge University graduates being employed within a year of leaving.

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