How to Find Coaching Skills Training That Delivers Exactly What Your Organisation Needs

How to Find Coaching Skills Training That Delivers Exactly What Your Organisation Needs
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As the coaching industry has grown, so too has the number of coaching skills training providers available in the marketplace, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish the quality solutions from the superficial ones.

With so many training providers from within both the coaching field and the management development field fighting for attention, it is easy to see how choosing coaching skills training can quickly become taxing.

Unfortunately, many of these training providers can only offer very basic instruction around well-worn models of coaching. At best, courses like these might raise awareness about what coaching is, but, they are unlikely to deliver anything other than cosmetic results which can hamper efforts to engage the organisation with the benefits of coaching over the long term.

Therefore, before jumping in with two feet, organisations will benefit from taking a step back and deciding what it is they want to achieve, what is the best approach for them, and who is best positioned to help them to succeed. With this clearly outlined, it will be far easier to sift out the coaching skills training solutions that most closely match the needs of the organisation.

Our latest white paper explores this in more detail and gives you all the information you need to choose the very best coaching skills solution.

In part one, you will find out about some of the obstacles that hinder the effectiveness of coaching in organisations including how not all coaching skills training is made equal and how some solutions are simply not fit for purpose.

In part two, we provide 8 top tips to help you make the best choice of coaching skills training based on your own specific needs; helping you to avoid potential pitfalls and ensuring you choose the most relevant and impactful approach for you.

We put all of this into context in part three, by presenting some of our client case studies, each representing a different way of bringing coaching skills into their organisations and showcasing the fantastic results they were able to achieve by following our top tips.

Then, in response to the many frequently asked questions we receive, part four addresses the issues that are commonly raised by organisations wanting to make the right decision.

Lastly, in part five, we offer our final thoughts about what really makes coaching skills training effective and how you can achieve an impressive return on investment by leveraging the very best coaching solutions on the market.

Notion’s comprehensive approach to coaching skills training ensures that Notion stands out from the crowd in this very busy market and makes the business of considering coaching skills training a whole lot easier.

So if you are considering coaching skills training for your organisation, Notion can help you think through your overall goals to ensure that you get the coaching skills training that exactly matches the needs of your organisation.

Simply download our latest white paper "How to Choose The BEST Coaching Skills Solution For Your Organisation", or call us for a free consultation on +44 (0)1926 889 885.

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