Women pleads guilty to stealing over £11k from her employer

Women pleads guilty to stealing over £11k from her employer

A woman has been found guilty of stealing thousands of pounds from her employer by processing fake customer refunds and by stealing directly – the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Kerri O'Connor, from County Tyrone, stole £6,085.28 from Fane Valley Co-Operative Society between December 2014 and June 2016. She also processed false returns to the value of £5574.48, bringing the total loss to the company to £11,659.76.

With the charges accepted, Judge Stephen Fowler QC requested pre-sentence reports.

While this level of fraud may seem excessive, many employees admit to committing smaller scales of dishonesty in order to scam their employer out of a few pounds when they report their monthly expenses.

A survey of 1,000 business travellers by Chrome River found that expense fraud continues to plague HR and finance teams, as 20% of employees admitted to inflating their expenses claims so they could pocket the difference.

And, over half (56%) of those who have committed fraud have admitted to doing so more on more than one occasion.

“Most people are inherently honest and they don’t intend to defraud their employer of huge amounts of money,” comments Chrome River Co-founder and CEO Alan Rich. “More often, they’re just committing small acts that they don’t even view as ‘fraud.’ And they do it because it’s possible and they don't think anyone will notice.”

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