Tesla to offer 'first class healthcare' after poor safety record

Tesla to offer 'first class healthcare' after poor safety record

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has launched a health clinic for employees that provides a “first-class” service following previous reports of poor health and safety procedures at the firm.

CNBC reports that Musk is now claiming that car-manufacturer Tesla will provide new medical clinics offering “immediate first-class health care available right on the spot” for employees.

“If you become injured or ill for any reason you can find care on-site,” Musk is reported as saying. The clinics will also reportedly staff surgeons.

This reports comes after a slew of news revealing poor health and safety practices at some of their factory units.

Tesla came under fire earlier this year after an investigation uncovered that a series of employee accidents weren’t being logged.

One worker went as far as saying that “it’s just a matter of time before somebody gets killed” because the incidents slipped under the radar undetected.

HR Grapevine previously reported on one Tesla worker who complained about a lack of clear pedestrian lanes in a Tesla factory. The worker was told by her supervisor that “Elon does not like the colour yellow”, as a justification for the lack of health and safety markings.

Laurie Shelby, the company's Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety, spoke about the importance of top-notch healthcare facilities for Tesla workers in an earnings call. She said:

"We are more than 10 percent better in our lost work days and days away... And our injuries are moving down year over year."

And, it seems that the implementation of medical facilities into the workplace isn't solely being onboarded by Tesla.

Amazon, who have also previously been scrutinised for poor working practices, are set to open their own clinics next year, while Apple are hiring doctors for its “AC Wellness” health centres.

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