Hiring | Could Uber be the next firm to source your candidates?

Could Uber be the next firm to source your candidates?

The Financial Times is reporting that car-hire service, Uber, are set to break into the recruitment market.

Their new platform, dubbed “Uber Works”, is stated to have plans to provide “on-demand” temporary contractors for events and corporate functions – mainly in the hospitality and security sectors.

A pilot version has been in progress in Chicago for several months after an initial trial in Los Angeles. The company’s website has insinuated that it is looking for staff with a “strong interest in the on-demand labour space”.

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Despite Uber’s brand name and potential ability to scale, Tom Miller, Associate Director of Cardiff-based Vargo Recruitment told  Recruitment Grapevine that he can't see Uber's platform posing a threat to most types of recruitment and that traditional contractor recruiters shouldn’t worry.

He said: “It looks as though Uber is looking to mushroom their ‘gig economy’ niche by diversifying their flexible resource offering.

"Whilst I can’t see this impacting the permanent placement or specialist contractor markets any time soon, it could have an impact for recruiters in the ‘volume hire’ or low-skilled marketplaces.”

Miller continues that crossing Uber’s move into recruitment could “ruffle some feathers”. However he also adds that the best recruiters shouldn’t be worried. He added: “If you provide a high-value, high-quality service to your clients, and find them great employees who stay with them, the need for this kind of ‘on-tap’ resource is nullified.

"Recruiters with the pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap approach (that often give the industry a bad name) should have reasonable cause for concern, but good quality recruitment partners with well-established client and candidate relationships shouldn’t be too worried – yet.”

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Despite the spread of public rumour, the taxi services company declined to comment about the programme when contacted by the Financial Times.

Will Uber’s break into recruitment disrupt how the industry operates? Let us know your thoughts below…

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  • Sir
    Wed, 24 Oct 2018 2:41pm BST
    What, will people have to stand around in groups outside Ubers offices first thing in the morning until someone comes out and taps them on the shoulder, saying "the rest of you can go home - no work today" ?
    Do they think our memories are that short ?
    (Millenials might need to do a bit of research)

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