The Sun's Head of HR caught in sensitive information row

The Sun's Head of HR caught in sensitive information row

The Head of HR at the Sun newspaper has faced criticism after apparently disclosing sensitive staff information from personnel files to off-duty staff, Private Eye reports.

The magazine reports that in September, Rachel Martin approached a group of writers who were drinking together in a local pub. She told several of them that their “cards were marked,” suggesting they had done something to upset management.

She then told the group details of two employees who were involved in performance disputes with the paper, and that the company had tried to protect a member of staff accused of bullying.

The report adds that, when staff questioned whether she should be telling them this information, Martin replied that she didn’t care because she had already handed in her notice.

This is not the first time a HR Professional has disclosed information they should have kept private. In 2016 a Snapchat HR employee received an email, apparently from CEO Evan Spiegel, requesting workers’ payroll information.

However, the email was from an external address. The member of staff failed to recognise the message as a phishing email and responded with the details requested.

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And, earlier this year, an employee ended up in hot water after sending an email to the office on his last day of work including a list of his ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ five female co-workers – The Evening Standard reports.

The employee’s email included a comment about one female colleague, which said: “If you were the last girl on earth, I would use you as bait to trap a wild animal I would be happier f***ing.”

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