Can active training change the corporate learning landscape?

Can active training change the corporate learning landscape?
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Instructor-led classroom training has long been the dominant form used by HR and L&D teams to drive employee learning. The benefits of this delivery method are easy to see, as the trainer and trainees interact face-to-face.

However, with businesses going global and with increased employee mobility, corporate leaders are steering away from the classroom method. From the cost of assembling a global workforce under one roof to the precious loss of business hours, face-to-face training directly impairs organizational productivity and adds to operational expense.

According to the Training Industry Report 2017, corporate training expenditures have increased by 30%. Among the 300 companies surveyed, 60% have already begun investing in technologies that enable remote trainings.

Remote training can be low-cost and scalable, and helps trainers connect to employees across the globe. Yet, according to the report, a major chunk of the internal training budget is still spent on the on-premise model.

It is perhaps true that the traditional mode of training can keep learners engaged and offer a social learning environment. But, what if the L&D teams realize that training technologies of today can simulate a real-life setting and give them the best of both worlds?

Active training for the digital age

The training department in any organization works to enhance learning effectiveness by delivering impactful training. To that end, any virtual training software should be learner-centric and help the instructors to create an immersive experience for the employees.

L&D teams happily embrace remote training tools if:

  • Trainees can have an open house discussion within the virtual environment.

  • Instructors can track every participant's attention level to enliven the session.

  • Quizzes and assessments can be conducted live to test the employees' comprehension of the material.

  • Learners can join a live online training from any device, on the go.

  • Trainings can be recorded so that they offer flexible on-demand learning options to the off-shore staff.

  • L&D teams get easy access to employee's learning data to tailor engaging course content.

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