The seven hardest interview questions

The seven hardest interview questions

Interviews are scary, there’s no doubt about it. The candidate is hoping to impress, and you’re hoping not to make the wrong hire, so it’s essential that it goes well and gives both parties a chance to learn a little about each other.

However, some recruiters and hiring managers like to throw a spanner in the works by asking a curveball designed to confuse the candidate and make them think on their feet.

On Reddit, hopeful applicants have shared the hardest interview question they were ever asked, and the answers they gave.

Emergency protocol

Reddit user WeirdWolfGuy was asked how they would react to a life-threatening situation. "In the event of a fire in the building is your first priority to pull the alarm or call 911?" the interviewer asked.

“[The question] caught me off guard, and I said, 'pull the alarm'.” However, the interviewer then informed them that the correct reply would have been ‘both’.

This goes against advice from Euro Fire Protection, which suggests that pulling the alarm first would be the correct course of action. After all, it’s better to warn people so they can evacuate as quickly as possible. While there could be different policies depending on where you are working, generally WeirdWolfGuy’s answer was correct.

Where in the world

Spectre73 was asked a geography/history question and, while not giving the answer the interviewer was looking for, it was technically correct.

"You're in Boston but not in the USA. How can this be?" The hiring manager asked.

Spectre73 said, "There's a Boston in England."

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The interviewer was looking for an answer suggesting they had gone back in time and were in Boston before the American Revolution, but they accepted that Spectre73 was also correct.

Another answer which might have worked is to claim to be Tom Scholz, lead singer of the band Boston, famed for their hit ‘More than a Feeling’, while they were on tour out of their home country of the USA.

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