How to write an engaging Insight

How to write an engaging Insight

Writing an expert insight piece for HR Grapevine gives your business an opportunity to position itself as an expert in front of the relevant decision makers in the industry you operate in.

Within the piece you can link back to your own corporate site, your HR Grapevine directory page, provide contact details and also cement your brand recognition.

The benefits are obvious. However, there are certain things you can do, when writing your piece, that will maximise its impact.

See our top tips below:

 Actual piece

  • 350 to 400 words is the optimum length. This is a similar length to the news and features we publish on our site and works best for engagement.
  • Don’t be afraid to use sub-titles to break up the piece – it keeps the reader engaged and informed as to the points your piece is making.
  • Use statistics in your piece, quote studies and speak to experts in the field you are writing on. They can be in house if needed.
  • Do use an emotive quote from someone in your firm, or subject area expert, to bring life your piece.


  • As your piece will be published on the Knowledge Centre part of our site, most readers who engage here want the piece to have an educative angle. Ensure there is a clear best-practise takeaway for the readers of your piece.
  • Alternatively, set out a conundrum and aim to offer solutions or key things to think about in the body of your text.
  • Another gambit is to set out a business ethos, a news story or contemporary problem that is sparking discussion and demarcate ways in which your intended readership should think about or react to this problem.


  • Much like the angle of your piece, the title should spark interest and make the audience want to find out more.
  • The best performing insights – ones that our readers come back to time and time again – have titles that pose questions to big contemporary business issues such as GDPR, The Apprenticeship Levy, employment law and hiring vogues.
  • A different, and also incredibly successful approach is to go down the listicle route ‘7 top tips for …’ or use business words and phrasings that are currently trending as this will do well in search engines and on news aggregation sites.


  • Branding from your company can be included in the piece and will add to your firm’s exposure.
  • Infographics also do incredibly well in insights.
  • Data from studies also do especially well.
  • Do link to your own site.

To see a few examples of expert insights from some of our content partners, click here.

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