Giving L&D the royal recognition it deserves

Giving L&D the royal recognition it deserves
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What do you think about when you hear learning and development? A day-long training course? An overload of information? A boring PowerPoint presentation?

Unfortunately it’s these preconceptions that can cause learning and development (L&D) to miss out on the recognition it deserves.

And with the uncertainty surrounding the future of the economy, it’s no secret that career development is often one of the first things to be cut.

But if it’s done well, L&D can add huge value to an organisation. It engages employees, boosts morale, improves productivity – and of course helps to fill any skills gaps. That’s exactly why it should be at the core of an organisation’s growth strategy.

So how should you approach it? Well, the key to an effective L&D programme is aligning it to the needs of your business, and of course your employees – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. What do your employees want to learn? How do they like to learn? And what do they need to learn in order to carry out their role, and add value to your business?

With so much to take into consideration, it’s commendable when organisations get it right. These organisations deserve to be recognised for the work they do – but that’s much easier said than done.

That’s why the City & Guilds Group created the Princess Royal Training Awards - to celebrate the impact of training and development on business performance.

The Awards measure training and development programmes against three Hallmarks of Excellence:

  1. Training/learning and development is integral to business performance
  2. The programme is delivered efficiently and effectively
  3. The programme has an impact on the success of the organisation and its people.

So it isn’t just about creating and implementing a training programme; it’s about demonstrating its value too.

Last year, 33 organisations received an Award at a reception hosted by HRH The Princess Royal at St James’s Palace. The recipients ranged from prestigious car manufacturers, to healthcare organisations to charities – different types and sizes of organisation, but the same commitment to developing their people.

Championing the work of your organisation with a prestigious accolade can help you raise awareness about the importance of employee development in today’s competitive markets – particularly if you can see how it has positively impacted on business growth.

Enter your organisation now!

Applications are now open for the Princess Royal Training Awards 2017.

It’s free to enter, and the Awards team is on hand to offer guidance throughout the application process, as well as provide feedback on your application and training programmes, regardless of how far you get in the process.

Find out more and apply here.

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