Transform your internal comms with video

Transform your internal comms with video
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Key benefits of using video and how to incorporate it into your colleague communications

In today’s online world, it’s more important than ever that your internal communications stay relevant and engaging for your colleagues. Increasingly, people are accessing content on-the-go from phones, tablets and laptops, and it can be a real challenge to adapt content to meet these changing needs.

Adding video to your online comms is a sure-fire way to deliver content in a dynamic, engaging and memorable way. From training toolkits to onboarding guides, video will bring your comms to life!

10 Key Benefits of Using Video In Internal Comms

1. Here are ten of the top benefits of using video in your eLearning and internal communications

2. Videos convey information in an interesting and concise way, ideal for colleagues who are pressed for time and may only have a few minutes to view your comms

3. Videos lend themselves to multi-device viewing, perfect for colleagues accessing content on-the-go on phones and tablets

4. As dynamic content, video will literally bring your comms to life and grab the attention of your colleagues from the get-go!

5.  Videos Ideos are very visual and demonstrative, making it far easier to explain complex ideas to your colleagues. This will especially appeal to visual learners

6. Studies show that information learnt through video is more likely to be retained by the viewer than written content would be

7. Using video helps to streamline your content by allowing you to have fewer words on the page. This makes your comms more engaging and visually appealing than if they were text-heavy

8. Videos are a great tool for reinforcing information which has been taught verbally

9. Videos are the perfect additions to training manuals and how-to guides, as they allow you to physically show the process step-by-step. By offering information in several different formats in your comms, for example including videos, infographics and pictures as well as text, you are appealing to different types of learner and giving your content the widest possible appeal

10. Videos are a simple way to transform dry content and inject an element of fun in your comms, ensuring your content stays relevant and engaging for colleagues

Get started with video

The benefits of including video in your colleague communications are endless and sourcing video for your comms is now easier than ever!

PageTiger’s stock video library covers everything from onboarding new starters to health and wellbeing at work, and each video is available with a number of different presenters to best suit your requirements. Choose from our library, or get us to create a bespoke video using your own presenters and filming on site at your business. Whatever your requirements, utilising video is a sure-fire way to create dynamic, engaging and interactive colleague communications. 

See our interactive catalogue to learn more about how to utilise PageTiger’s stock video library.

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